Pathways Programs

Offering Pathways to Hope

Our Pathways Programs focus on mentoring & skill-building in the areas of financial health, employment, and health & well-being.

Pathways to Financial Health

This is a 9-month financial skill building program offering one-on-one financial counseling. It will help you develop sound financial practices and provide tools to help you create a sustainable financial life plan. The program incorporates creating financial S.M.A.R.T. goals and tying it to your values, understanding current spending, budgeting, credit/debit impact, finding potential money to save and tying it all together for your individualized plan.

If appropriate and all requirements are met, the program offers participants an opportunity to open a savings account, regardless of past credit history, and the chance to earn a matching grant while learning healthy saving habits!

Periodic roundtable and workshop events are also available offering opportunities to take a deeper dive into specific financial topics.


Pathways to Employment

This program gives clients access to a weekly job list, workshops and recruitment events. The focus of the program is to mentor individuals to help build better job skills through:

  • Creation of education opportunities that concentrate on job readiness and retention

  • Linking people with career education/training opportunities
  • Linking people with employment, particularly living wage opportunities

There are other organizations that have good, established job coaching programs for resume-building and interview skills. We do not wish to recreate the wheel. Rather, our goal is to provide other insights and the soft skills needed for a successful job search, retention and growth in a job.

Pathways to Well-Being

This program provides education and resources for clients or their family members who are dealing with chronic physical and/or mental health issues.

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